BSA Troop 33

Top 10 Fun Things to do in Scouting:

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1. Rifles and Archery.

           Getting the chance to shoot rifles, shotguns and arrows.

2. Knives and Hatchets.

           Learning to wittle and throw hatchets.

3. Campfires.

           Making and starting campfires, and then cooking.

4. Camping.

           Going to the beach, woods, mountains or desert and seeing new things; and then appreciating the outdoors.

5. Swimming.

           Getting to swim in streams, rivers, lake and oceans; not just pools.

6. Fishing.

           Going to different places and hang out with friends while fishing.

7. Learning from Expert Outdoorsmen.

           Getting to learn cool new things.

8. Making New Friends.

           Meeting other boys who share your interests.

9. Building Things.

           Getting to make things from sticks and rope, like ladders, chariots and flag poles.

10. Getting to Try New Things.

           Have you ever played human Foosball, chariot races, giant chess?


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