BSA Troop 33

Welcome to Troop 33, Tustin, CA.

It's your Gateway to Fun, Adventure, Citizenship and Service.

If you're looking for activities full of clean adventure for your son that will improve his life and make him a better adult, then get him involved in Scouting.

Troop 33 is a boy-run troop where Scouts are encouraged to get involved, plan, follow through, work hard, have fun, and do a good turn daily. Scouts volunteer for responsibilities and take on troop and patrol tasks. Merit Advancement is also a vital part of Troop 33 activity and provides a sense of accomplishment for attaining wholesome goals for those Scouts that pursue it.

Scouting can develop future leaders with:

  • strong character
  • good citizenship
  • all-round fitness

The eight standard methods used by troops make Scouting unique:

  • Scouting Ideals (Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan)
  • Patrol System of Organization
  • Advancement in Merit
  • Outdoor Programs
  • Collaboration with Adult Role Models
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Growth in Character
  • Participation in Class A or B Scout Uniform

One can not get what Scouting offers anywhere but in Scouting. So consider joining Troop 33 Tustin!

We meet every Tuesday night from 7PM to around 8:15PM, at Tustin Presbyterian Church.


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