BSA Troop 33

About Troop 33

Troop 33 was founded in 1952 and is the oldest continuously operating troop in Canyons District. Our charter organization is Tustin Presbyterian Church. However, our boys come from a variety of faiths. The church provides meeting and storage rooms exclusively for our use, which makes our "Scout House" among the best in the council. Tustin Presbyterian Church has been very good to us and we actively participate in Scout Sunday and service projects for the benefit of the church.

Currently we have about 60 registered scouts divided into four multi-age patrols. We follow the patrol method. We emphasize fundamental scout skills. We wear full uniforms. We go camping at least 10 times a year, both tailgating and high adventure. We participate in Camporees and week-long summer camp. We have sent representatives to the last National and World Jamborees.

Although we have produced 185 Eagle Scouts, we are not an Eagle factory. Our boys are provided continuous opportunities to advance. They are counseled. They are encouraged. They must do the work themselves.

We welcome new members from the greater Tustin area at any time. Please stop by on a Tuesday night, between 7:00PM and around 8:15PM, and see for yourself.

Below are some pictures of the adult leaders and boys working and playing.


Troop 33's committee chair, Keith Gilbert, and contact person for new families.

Troop 33's all around answer person and additional contact person.

Troop 33's adult leadership

The Rank Advancement Chair entering advancements in the troop's TroopMaster program.

The Camping Chair bringing the latest camp notice and permission slip.

The Committe Chair working on the troop laptop.

An Eagle Project counciling session.

The Scoutmaster coaching the Senior Patrol Leader, who is leading the troop meeting.

Scouts working together on a project during a meeting.

Scouts playing together after a meeting.

Moms hanging out at the meeting watch the boys have fun.

Here's some of the mothers and grandmothers sewing patches on shirts and sashes.


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